While this may apply to some people, I don't read bios before choosing to read an article. Who a person is or how they choose to describe themselves doesn't influence me on whether I think they have something interstate to say or not. I look for catchy titles and thought-provoking subjects.

To use your analogy, why would I want to attend a party of clones? I want to meet a variety of people; those who don't share my interests or backgrounds. Then I'll learn something new or gain a different perspective. The unusual person in the corner may have a fascinating life story to tell. And the crazy nut by the punch bowl has the best jokes. Why miss out on them simply because they didn't show up in formal attire?

Maybe your formula works for you. But I suspect you're missing out by not letting someone's writing stand on its own.

Freelance science writer, meanderer of thoughts, and complete animal nut. A tiny demon governs my life (she may be a flerken — we’re still running tests).

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