I never realized how comfortable I was alone until I WAS alone. And I grew irritated with the people around me telling me I was missing something from my life. They couldn't grasp that the cats and I didn't need anyone else. We were fine.

I even bought my house with zero intent of anyone else coming into the picture. Just enough space for us. People told me I was crazy. "What if you get married?" I told them I was happy alone. They told me I needed therapy.

As it turns out, I HAVE ended up married, but it worked out in a weird way. Both of us enjoy our time in quiet and separate but together (if that makes sense). We do our own things - no need to step on each other or invade space. Of course, that seems weird to people, too. (Oh, and the house worked just fine)

Freelance science writer, meanderer of thoughts, and complete animal nut. A tiny demon governs my life (she may be a flerken — we’re still running tests).