How to decide if your actions fit the definition of a Karen? I think of a Karen as a busy body that determines something is a crime — threatening legal/political action — to draw attention to herself and gain five minutes of fame. The action in question is harmless and doesn’t impact the general public, but the public gets roped into the situation through her tantrum.

So, one on hand, ice cream isn’t going to bring down the modern world. And while you made a scene, you didn’t threaten police involvement or call your elected officials. (There’s no mention of other people in the store witnessing the confrontation, nor did you say you videoed it for posterity) On the other hand, you know you get bad food items from the store and keep going. On a bad day, some part of your brain tells you the odds aren’t in your favor and you shouldn’t stop there. Unless you WANT an excuse for an outburst (Karen behavior).

It’s easy to assure you you’re in the clear. And I don’t want to diminish your feelings or rough year. But since everyone has this potential in them, how does joining the snap-response group help? That’s where the Karen movement comes from. If more people took the time to analyze their behavior and reactions (as you have), maybe we wouldn’t see so many Karens getting their spotlight.

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