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  • Roxanne Barbour

    Roxanne Barbour

    I have been reading science fiction since the age of eleven. I have written many scifi novels including and AN ALIEN COLLECTIVE, ALIEN INNKEEPER, SACRED TRUST.

  • Ash Taralynn

    Ash Taralynn

    Blogger and first time mommy. Recovering addict. Learning to love life and myself. Always writing and improving.

  • Valerie Teller

    Valerie Teller

    lifelong student of the human experience, experimenter and chief guinea pig, living to tell the tale // get in touch: valteller@gmail.com

  • Brendan Christopher

    Brendan Christopher

    Overall, I aim to highlight how animal welfare issues are linked to humanity. But also to increase recognition for our fellow creatures.

  • Susie Pinon

    Susie Pinon

    B.A. in Psych. Lover of all things green. Likely to be found brewing tea or making a mess in the kitchen. Boisterous, creative, free-spirited. Vegan.

  • Nazım Özer

    Nazım Özer

    I am an operations officer. I am 36 years old, married with 1 child. I joined this beautiful family because I love to write.

  • Gary Revas

    Gary Revas

    Husband, Father, Healthcare Leader and Newborn Writer trying to learn to crawl right now.

  • Isabel Abril

    Isabel Abril

    UK Librarian and aspiring writer. From Spain. Diagnosed ADHD. Intersectional feminist & ally. Away with the fairies but rooted in facts. She/her @Brynhildar7

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