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  • Cher Hin Chong

    Cher Hin Chong

    A software developer who has found penchant in writing.

  • Daniel Perez

    Daniel Perez

    Educator. Writer. Passionate about the humanities, philosophy and the history of science, art, medicine, religions and literature.

  • Valerio


    🧑🏻‍⚕️ I Write About Self-Improvement and Relations. x5 Top Writer | Follow for tips that will make your life better.

  • Jason Provencio

    Jason Provencio

    21x Medium Top Writer in Humor, Satire, Poetry, Mental Health, Life, and others. Owner of Bouncin’ and Behavin’ Blogs. https://medium.com/@Jason-P/membership

  • Luna Reimer

    Luna Reimer

    Photographer & time traveller! Creative,animal lover,investigative.

  • Ginger Bangs

    Ginger Bangs

    Occasionally sweary, but always entertaining. I write fairy tales, erotica, horror, humor and poetry. Come, read — and cum again, if you want to!

  • Chiarra Sue

    Chiarra Sue

    Blockchain Engineer. #blockchain Smart Contracts. DeFi. NTFS. Game dev. Ethereum Artist. Support here: https://medium.com/@chiarrasue/membership

  • Shikha Saxena

    Shikha Saxena

    A Technical Writer, an artist and blogger by choice. Passionate about reading , writing and editing, NY.http://www.shikhasaxena.com and https://www.dnabox.co/

  • Kabekolej Dyke

    Kabekolej Dyke

    A Criminal scientist, an athlete and a passionate blogger and writer. When not blogging am sleeping on my keyboard.

  • Hannah Roberson

    Hannah Roberson

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