Welcome to the Weirdness!

Sure, I could launch into a lengthy diatribe on why I'm a fantastic writer, guaranteed to provide insight into - well, whatever you're searching for. (The key to everlasting success resides in a lockbox Tonks inadvertently buried in her last escapade in the closet)

But who wants to read that? You'll either quirk a smile at the crazy angles I use to examine the world, or you'll shake your head and call the local branch of the Funny Farm. (They stopped dropping by YEARS ago - completely terrified of spending five minutes in my company)

I CAN promise you won't find words - or points of view - like mine anywhere else.

And isn't that what you came searching for in the first place?

If you're looking for even more insane creativity (or Tonks - you want more Tonks), drop by my other platforms:

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Andria Kennedy

Freelance science writer, meanderer of thoughts, and complete animal nut. A tiny demon governs my life (she may be a flerken — we’re still running tests).